Corps étrangers dans les pénis

Corps étrangers dans la verge - Vulgaris Médical

Le traitement comporte deux volets: l'extraction de corps étranger soit par voie endoscopique ou chirurgie ouverte et la prise en charge psychiatrique de la maladie mentale. English abstract Self- insertion of foreign body is a common practice for self-injure or erotic purpose in patients with chronic psychosis.

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The diagnosis is sometimes difficult if it is reported late or if the patient does not cooperate; hence the interest of complementary imaging assessment. Treatment was based on two steps: the extraction of the foreign body by endoscopy or open surgery and psychiatric treatment of the mental illness.

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We report the uncommon case of a year old schizophrenic adolescent who had introduced a needle into the urethra 2 years before. Diagnosis was based on retrograde and mictional uretrocystography.

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The needle was removed with endoscopy as well as with technical artifices, without using open surgery despite the length of time the incident had occurred. The patient underwent complementary psychiatric treatment. Le traitement est le plus souvent endoscopique [ 125 ].

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